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If saying that we’re all from Africa would solve racism all over the world and lay it to rest, I’d embrace it wholeheartedly and live my life as if this was wholly the truth and more importantly–

As if everyone believes it’s true.

As I have said one or two occasions here at Ms. Queenly’s in the past, biraciality and multiraciality have not solved racism in America (in particular). If we’re all descended from the peoples of what is known today as Africa, race doesn’t matter anyway, or so science would suggest.

Not so long ago, almost everyone believed that Pluto was a planet. See what happened with that?

A lot of people don’t even believe in the theory of evolution or even that the continents used to be one land mass.

What we have to do is make it so our laws, politics, lives (*gasps*), media, and effigies reflect the fact that most of us believe that race is socially constructed, inequality is real, and that we’re really trying to combat and mitigate it’s effects for everyone. But in order to do that, we must first acknowledge and untangle how this country and many others were built on ideas of race and inequality of all sorts. Its not enough to just say we’re all from Africa anyway so race doesn’t really matter or to say over and over again that race is socially constructed. That’s not reality. A wall doesn’t “unbuild” itself because you’ve figured out that it’s manmade. Racism and other inequalities can be just as real as that wall.


Ms. Queenly


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